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Chair: Kane Thornton, CEO, Clean Energy Council

Opening Remarks: Robby Clark, Exhibition Director, All-Energy Australia and
Kane Thornton, CEO, Clean Energy Council

Welcome to the Country: Wurundjeri Elder Ron Jones

Victorian Minister's Welcome: The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Government of Victoria

Keynote Address: Darren Miller, CEO, ARENA

Panel Discussion: Renewable Energy Developments and the Energy Industry: What policy framework and operational mechanisms are required to create greater certainty for the market

Ludovic Theau, Chief Investment Officer, CEFC
Kent Draper, Vice President of Project Finance APAC, First Solar
Dr Kerry Schott AO,  Independent Chair, Energy Security Board
Paula Conboy, Chair, AER
Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director, Flow Power
Jennifer Purdie, CEO, Adani Renewables


Exploring viable business models for behind the meter storage

Exploring viable business models for behind the meter storage
Zeno Atherton, Associate Director, Corporate and Project Finance, CEFC

Achieving Nexus
Patrick Matweew, Chief Operating Officer, Redback Technologies

Leading Solar Installers Will Adopt VPP Business Models
Dean Spaccavento, CEO, Reposit Power



Technical comparisons, efficiency overviews and key enablers in battery storage technology 

Yarranlea Solar Farm: Financial prospects for Battery Storage      
Chandana Samarasinghe, Grid Connection Manager, Risen Energy      
Dispatchable renewables: a contradiction in terms?      
Dr Chris Blanksby, Specialist Renewable Energy Engineer at Entura and Mohsen Moeini, Specialist Dams and Hydropower Engineer at Entura      
The long and short of day trading your solar      
Andrew Mitchell, Product Line Manager, Enphase      
The remarkable paradigm shift about to occur in the energy storage market – super capacitors and true grid integration       
Steve Croker, Project Manager, Arvio  


Technology development and commercialisation

Developing an export market for renewable energy with Hydrogen
Murray Lyster, Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Siemens Ltd

A Case Study: An integrated hydrogen energy storage system in the Orkney Islands
Dr Neil Thompson, Managing Director, ITM Power



Keynote Address
Darren Miller, CEO, ARENA

Launchpad to Successful Commercialisation
Richard Adams, Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Detailing the financial, fuel source risks, procurement and logistical processes and technology considerations in a major biomass fuel switch project 

     Overview of the key drivers for the fuel switch project - benefits, challenges and progress of the project to date     
Bob Mac Smith, Director, MSM Milling      
Renewable energy funding, the pathway to commercialisation of bioenergy in Australia and the barriers to entry for the technology      
Matt Drum, Director, Ndevr Environmental      
ARENA’s bioenergy and energy from waste strategy and how MSM Milling Fuel Switch Project is an important piece in that strategy      
Matt Walden, Transaction Specialist , Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)      
Business’s preparedness for emerging technologies      
Sylvia Terry, Managing Director, CommBank Asset Finance      


Bioenergy as a fit for your facility - what you need to know 

     How to make bioenergy projects attractive to investment      
Gary Sofarelli, Director, Foresight Group and Lily McManus, Transactions, Foresight Group  


Community engagement strategies when planning new projects

      Case study: Driving improvements in community engagement & benefit sharing through the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme      
Kirrily Noonan, Principal Policy Adviser, Energy Commercial Projects & Programs, DELWP       
Making friends and influencing people: How to help customers become active participants in the grid.      
Laura Jones, Senior Network Innovation Engineer, TasNetworks      


New approaches for communities to partner with renewable energy developers, retailers, councils and network companies      

A model for indigenous ownership of renewable projects in Northwest Australia      
Dr Richard Finlay-Jones, Director, Pilbara Solar      
Models that prioritise severely disadvantaged communities whilst working with retailers, developers and Councils       
April Crawford-Smith, Pingala      


Charging ahead: Developments in electric vehicle charging technology, markets and financing

      The future of solar vehicle charging and EV charging infrastructure in grid constrained locations       
Matti Dinkelmeyer,  Electric Vehicle Charging and Energy Storage Solutions, Delta Energy Systems      
Electric Vehicle infrastructure needs and government support      
Julia Hinwood,  Infrastructure lead and Director, Corporate and Project Finance, CEFC

Global developments and charging infrastructure considerations for Australia
Wim Elshout, Sales Manager, ABB Electric Vehicle Charging


Power up: How electric vehicles are shaping the future of the grid

      EV market challenges, opportunities and disruptions in Western Australia     
Allen Gerber, Synergy       
Electrification of transport: Benefits and challenges for the electricity industry.      
Paul Fox,  Head of Corporate Development, Fast Cities Australia       
Special: Integrating EVs in your fleet starting today.       
Bede Doherty, Bede Doherty Consulting


The growing push for Renewable and efficient  energy usage in the Agriculture industry

      Agriculture Energy Investment Plan      
Anne Dansey, Senior Strategy and Governance Manager - Low Emission Resources, Department of Economic Development      
Embracing the Energy Transition: Building resilience in regional Australia      
Charlie Prell, Deputy Chair, Farmers for Climate Action       
The Next Generation of Irrigation      
Ben Lee, Managing Director of ReAqua and Jon Elder, cotton farmer NSW 


A step-by-step view at the cost, environmental and sustainable impacts that energy efficiency enhancements or an integrated energy strategy has had on different Industries

      Smarter Energy Use in Commercial Buildings: The Value of Intelligent Controls      
Michael Joffe, CFO / Corporate Development, Zen Ecosystems      
Delivering large scale Energy Efficiency in a live environment – lessons from a University Campus      
Michael Snow, Senior Program Manager, RMIT University      
Sustainability in a commercial airport environment      
Krishan Tangri, General Manager Assets, Brisbane Airport Corporation      


Policy initiatives in Energy Efficiency  for businesses

      The benefits of participating in the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program      
Andy Sharp, Manager, Project-Based Activities, Essential Services Commission 


Exploring viable business models for behind the meter storage

      Achieving Nexus      
Patrick Matweew, Chief Operating Officer, Redback Technologies      
Leading Solar Installers Will Adopt VPP Business Models       
Dean Spaccavento, CEO, Reposit Power      


Technical comparisons, efficiency overviews and key enablers in battery storage technology

      Yarranlea Solar Farm: Financial prospects for Battery Storage      
Chandana Samarasinghe, Grid Connection Manager, Risen Energy      
Dispatchable renewables: a contradiction in terms?      
Dr Chris Blanksby, Specialist Renewable Energy Engineer at Entura and Mohsen Moeini, Specialist Dams and Hydropower Engineer at Entura      
The long and short of day trading your solar      
Andrew Mitchell, Product Line Manager, Enphase      
The remarkable paradigm shift about to occur in the energy storage market – super capacitors and true grid integration       
Steve Croker, Project Manager, Arvio      



A look at energy storage regulation, policy considerations and standards  

    Energy storage regulatory update      
Aylin Cunsolo, Special Counsel, Baker McKenzie       
New markets and regulations for energy storage – what they mean for your business      
Darren Gladman, Director, Smart Energy, Clean Energy Council      
Battery Storage Performance Standards: Gaps and Pathway to an Australian Standard      
Nishad Mendis Senior Electrical Engineer, DNV GL - Energy, Renewables Advisory      
Flow batteries for extreme conditions energy storage applications      
Dr Mike Giulianini, Chief Technology Officer, Redflow      


Strategies and insights on grid scale storage with wind and solar

      Unlocking wind and solar’s value with energy storage      
John Zahurancik, Chief Operating Officer, Fluence      
The Gannawarra Energy Storage System        
Andrew Stiel, Head Energy Markets and Offtake, Edify Energy      


It’s not just about batteries – assessing alternative storage opportunities

      Saltwater Storage with Lithuim: How to run your Avocado farm on 100% Solar using Lithium and Salt Water Energy Storage. Case studies from WA       
George Zsolt Zombori, CEO, Unlimited energy Australia / Tesvolt      
A national atlas and cost model of pumped hydro energy storage in Australia      
Bin Lu, Sr. Electrical Engineer / PhD Candidate, Australian National University  


Investment in renewable energy in Australia compared to the rest of the world

      Global investment in renewables – lessons for Australia      
Dmitry Danilovich, Head of Clean Energy, KPMG      
Comparing energy venture capital investing in Australia with the US and China      
Mark Bonnar, Managing Director, Southern Cross Venture Partners      
The challenges to making new generation investment decisions      
Sam Magee, Head of Commercial, EnergyAustralia


Beyond the RET and  what we can expect

      Future grid regulatory policy      
Anthony Seipolt, Advisor, Australian Energy Regulator      

      Tasmania’s role in the NEM transformation      
Chris Gwynne, Program Director, Hydro Tasmania 


New State and National policies, programs and grants in renewable energy

       Meeting the 2020 Renewable Energy Target      
Mark Williamson, Executive General Manager, Clean Energy Regulator      
Defence Renewable Energy Program      
Allan O’Connor, Defence Renewable Energy Program Manager, Department of Defence       
South Australia’s transition to a clean energy future      
Sam Crafter, Executive Director of Energy Implementation, SA Government      
Queensland’s 50% Renewable Energy Target      
Andrew Burnett, Director-Energy Consumer and Pricing, Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply      
The ACT transition to 100% renewable electricity      
Gene McGlynn, Executive Director, Climate Change and Sustainability, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Government


Increasing renewables into the grid: A look at control and stability systems and how they are stabilising the grid  

    Utilizing renewable energy integration opportunities by mitigating challenges through technical innovation      
Dr Chandana Samarasinghe, Grid Connection Manager, Risen Energy      
Is reliance on synchronous machines holding us back from evolving the power grid to facilitate renewables?      
Donald Vaughan, Principal Consultant for Primary Electrical Engineering – Entura      
Leveraging inverter capability for grid stability: what will it take for households to help solve our voltage problem?       
Dr Geoff James, Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS      


Future cross border trading on the grid   

   Maximizing existing network capability to support the renewables transition      
Jacqui Bridge, Transmission Network Development Manager, Ausnet Services      
Project Marinus: Tasmania’s vast wind and hydro resources might only be a cable away      
Lance Balcombe, CEO, TasNetworks      
Thermo-hydrodynamic analysis and cable design for 10 km to 100 km superconducting DC power transmission line using Ishikari experimental data       
Prof. Hirofumi Watanabe, Center of Applied Superconductivity and Sustainable Energy Research (CASER), Chubu University      


Technology and business models needed in delivering secure energy to the end user    

  Grid 2.0 and the integration of small-scale distributed energy resources      
Murray Hogarth, Director, Communications and Community Networks, Wattwatchers      
New technologies and strategies: unlocking greater value from demand response programs     
Winnie Waudo, Business Development Manager – Energy, Decon Technologies Pty Ltd       
Distributed energy in Australia – opportunities, challenges and regulatory considerations      
Kate Phillips, Partner, Baker McKenzie      

Micro grid energy tracking and trading platform technologies – the case of blockchain
Dr Peter O’Neill, Monash University, Anil Sreedhar, CEO, GBS and Gopa Balakrishnan, Director, AUSIND Business Solutions

Cyber security and the power grid    

  How, as an enabler and disrupter, IoT will deliver safer, secure, and efficient Cities. So where does Cyber Security fit into all this?      
Bob Sharon, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Blue IoT      
Security and Privacy Challenges for IoT enabled Smart Energy Systems      
Dr Shama Islam, Lecturer, Deakin University      


Technology development and commercialisation

      Developing an export market for renewable energy with Hydrogen      
Murray Lyster, Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Siemens Ltd      
A Case Study – an integrated hydrogen energy storage system in the Orkney Islands      
Dr Neil Thompson, Managing Director, ITM Power      


A roadmap to a competitive market and export opportunities

      Opportunities for Australia from hydrogen exports      
Tom Campey, General Manager, Strategy, ARENA      
Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure: Strategies for deployment across Australia      
Claire Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Hydrogen Mobility Australia


A look at the potential applications and promise of block chain in the energy sector

Blockchain Strategic Initiatives and Implementation      
Sonia Mundra, President, Chenega Analytic Business Solutions, LLC (CABS)      
Enabling the transition to the Grids of the future via intelligent energy storage & Blockchain Technology      
James Sturch, Technical Business Manager AUS/NZ, Sonnen Australia       
Peer to Peer energy markets using blockchain – insights from a virtual trial      
Neil Gibbs, Executive Chairman, Marchment Hill Consulting      


Step-by-step analysis corporate PPA’s

      Will 2018 be the year of the corporate renewable PPA?       
Anita Stadler, Principal Consultant, Energetics      
Corporate PPAs – Structures, trends and lessons learned      
David Cooper, Partner,  Baker McKenzie       
MREP project experience and future opportunities      
Peter Shelly, Energy, Carbon and Fuel Lead, Australia Post
Digitally enabled PPAs and the future of large scale peer-to-peer electricity market      
Mantas Aleks, Head of Business Development and Australian Operations Lead, WePower


Examining the key growth areas and market outlooks  for Microgrids, off-grid and fringe of grid

      Grown Up Microgrids: Enabling the Energy Transformation      
Juergen Zimmermann, Business Development & Technology Manager Microgrids, ABB Australia      
Onsite or Offsite - Microgrids versus Corporate PPA's      
Shaun Scallan, Institutional Program Manager, Planet Ark Power      
Grid-tied Microgrids to Solve the Energy Trilemma      
Scott Ferraro, Program Director - Net Zero Initaitive and Microgrid, Monash University      
Playing on both sides of the ledger – UQ’s plan to become a world leading ‘Gensumer’      
Andrew Wilson, Manager Energy & Sustainability, University of Queensland      


Exploring innovative, technological and commercial practicalities in installing a Microgrid system

      Commercial value streams for Microgrids in grid connected scenarios, including grid support    
Victor Dunand, Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric      
International Case Study of Application technology and experience of Microgrid in China      
Jasmine Liu, General Manager, GeneMic Greentech Tianjin

Looking at solutions for a new era of Grid Independence
Harsha Venkatesh, Director of Product Line Management, Enphase Energy


How virtual power plants will change the energy landscape

      Building the biggest smart grid from virtual power plants  - experience from Europe       
Sandra Trittin, Co-Founder, Swisscom Energy Solutions AG   
Tuning the Orchestra – Lessons learnt from CSIRO’s Virtual Power Station 2.0 Trial      
Brian Spak, Leader – Grids and Renewable Integration, CSIRO      


Exploring new types of renewable energy technologies that could be untapped in Australia

      Micro-hydros: The sleeping giant of renewable energy      
Marco Stacke, Exclusive licensee, KCT hydropower      
Electrifying Industry – how manufacturers go fossil fuel-free using renewable energy      
Michael Lord, Head of Research, Beyond Zero Emissions Australia      
Nuclear Power to provide economic security and very prompt emissions reductions      
Robert Parker, Past President and Committee Member, Australian Nuclear Association


Creating a consumer centric approach: Revaluating the engagement strategy and creating strategic approaches to deal with evolving trends

      The technology challenges facing Electricity Distribution systems      
Abbie McQueen - Principal Consultant - Energy Advisory, AECOM and Mark Lampard – Group Director Power & Industrial VSA, AECOM      
Co-creation, shared value and social impact to build consumer trust.      
Melinda Scaringi, Director of Energy, Ellis Jones      
Personalising customer experience through shared data and insights      
Wilf Johnston, Managing Director, Flex      


Energy solutions that are creating smarter and more interconnected communities

       Peer-2-Peer trading and the rise of Grid 2.0 - the most popular electricity on the market      
Stefan Jarnason, CEO, Solar Analytics      
The latest developments and future trends in convergence platforms for smart microgrid solutions      
Herman Chang, General Manager of Energy Infrastructure Solutions BG, Delta Electronics 


LARGE SCALE SOLAR: Current project projections: Project development hurdles and financial considerations faced

      Solar technologies for deployment in 2019 and global supply – how this will affect performance and price.      
David Owen, Founder and Director, Solar Media Limited, Director, Clean Energy Marketing Services
The road to financial close – addressing lender concerns on technical risks      
Vivienne Roberts, Project Manager, WSP      
Local Government large scale solar implementation around Australia      
Demian Natakhan, Director, Enhar       


LARGE SCALE SOLAR: Improving operations and reliability of Large Scale solar systems

      The Values Play: Why solar needs maturity and strong communication more than tech      
Huon Hoogesteger, founder, Smart Commercial Solar      
PERC & Bifacial PERC technology and application trends in large scale solar      
Dana Yang, Product Manager, Longi Solar      
Maximizing Asset IRRs for large scale solar plants though ML based analytics of UVA data      
Rahul Sankhe, Co-Founder, SenseHawk      


RESIDENTIAL SOLAR: Solar PV in multi-unity dwellings and rental properties

      Bringing solar energy to Apartments and Shopping Centres      
Alexander Marks, Business Development Lead, Allume Energy      
Embedded networks into multi-unit dwellings      
James Pearce, Managing Director, ENM Solutions Pty Ltd      


COMMERCIAL SOLAR: Real insights into the future of the industry and what it will take to advance it further

       Solar Energy beyond the RET      
Warwick Johnston, Director, SunWiz Australia       
Cloudy Future for Commercial Solar      
Ric Brazzale, Director- Green Energy Trading 


Hybrid wind and solar energy

Hybrids challenging the paradigm of intermittent generation
Andrew Dickson, Business Development Manager, CWP Renewables

The power station of the future
Catherine Way, Business Development Manager, DP Energy


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