Decarbonisation of Industry

DATE: Thursday, 29 October 2020

TIME: 2:00pm – 3:15pm AEDT


A look into the decarbonisation of carbon intense industries from a cost, technological and strategic perspective.

Chair: Rob Kelly, Program Manager, ClimateWorks Australia

Decarbonising Heavy Industry

Vincent Dwyer, Principal, Energy Estate


Rob Kelly

Program Manager, ClimateWorks Australia

Rob Kelly leads ClimateWorks’ Pathways and Investment program, supporting better decision making on long-term climate change strategies. Rob works with federal and state government departments and large businesses on the development of pathways towards net zero emissions, climate change risk assessments and the development of long-term energy and emissions reduction targets and strategies.

Rob is Program Director of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative which brings together some of Australian industry’s biggest companies to accelerate action towards net zero emissions in heavy industry supply chains. The initiative harnesses industry knowledge to develop pathways and actions that support industry to realise the opportunities of a decarbonising global economy.   

Vincent Dwyer

Principal, Energy Estate

For over 25 years, Vincent has been at the forefront of developments in the energy sector, from energy privatisations to the development of energy markets and the rapid deployment of renewable energy.

Vincent has worked on many of the Asia-Pacific region’s most significant and innovative transactions in the energy sector. His experience spans governments, utilities, pension funds and start-ups, and he is “known for his mastery of energy issues” and “commerciality, astuteness and commitment to getting a deal done.” 

Prior to founding Energy Estate, Vincent was APAC Head of Energy at Norton Rose Fulbright.



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