A techno-dummy guide to smart energy technology

4 Sep 2015

The convergence of smart, clean and distributed energy generation and storage with information and communications technologies is the unstoppable game-changer, said environmental writer turned start-up entrepreneur Murray Hogarth.

In a session on advancing technology solutions to make intelligent energy management mainstream, self-confessed ‘techno dummy’ Hogarth will weave together a non-expert’s guide to the ‘Get Smart’ revolution for electricity at All-Energy 2015, taking place October 7th and 8th in Melbourne.

“I am a full throttle techno-optimist, and sadly a policy pessimist, in my belief that we will see technology rather than politicians lead us to a near zero carbon and lower cost energy system within two decades,” says Hogarth, who is Director – Community Energy Networks with Sydney-based digital energy company Wattwatchers.

“The old energy paradigm was big, centrally-located baseload power stations pumping electricity down the line, and grid managers trying to balance supply with demand without much idea of what was going on.”
“That’s the old model and so-called ‘smart meters’ are only a limited improvement. The Internet of Energy is where all of the energy players are talking and responding in useful and coordinated ways, and the Internet of Things is similar but even bigger, covering all devices, machines and databases.” 

Not so smart ‘smart-meters’, costly sub-metering and energy monitoring, technical difficulty in achieving device interoperability and general market confusion will be among the challenges discussed by Hogarth that stand in the way of consumer uptake of intelligent energy technologies.

“Real-time, accurate and comprehensive energy generation and consumption monitoring data will become vital for homes with solar PV, especially if they add storage and EV’s,” said Hogarth.

“Better data will allow consumers to control their own energy flows and the most efficient time of use, or have it done for them by automated systems or outside experts. Our focus needs to be on simplifying navigation through the confusing and complex array of technology possibilities to move to a smart system via software based solutions.” 

Murray Hogarth will be presenting at New Technology 1: The Internet of Energy at 1.20pm on 7 October alongside Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Energy & Renewables Advisory DNV GL Mathias Steck, Head of Smart Grid Applications APAC Siemens, Merten Foerster and Director of Product  Management Enphase Energy Management System Enphase Energy Ilen Zazueta-Hall.


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