The future of hybrid energy systems with CSIRO fellow Dr Sukhvinder Badwal

12 Aug 2015

Hybrid energy systems stand to benefit a wide range of industries and applications, according to CSIRO Fellow Dr Sukhvinder Badwal.

Speaking ahead of his address to All-Energy Australia at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 7th and 8th, Dr Badwal said hybrid systems had “many advantages above and beyond cost.”

“There is general consensus in the public that we need to move towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions – we just need to agree on the best mechanism to do it,” said Dr Badwal.

“Most industrial parties are seeking a solution to their particular energy issues – this inevitably has an element of hybridisation to fully and cost effectively meet their needs.”

New battery chemistries, compressed air, fuel cells and hydrogen, hydrogen enriched natural gas and super-capacitors are among the new technologies showing promise, according to Badwal. “Clearly, most headlines are for the large format lithium batteries but there are a wide range of other technologies showing promise for a range of different applications,” said Dr Badwal.

“Hybrid energy systems offer tailored and substantial improvements in performance, response time, load following capability and cost reduction over individual technologies.” “If penetration of renewable energy is to increase, then grid stability issues and cost effectiveness needs to be addressed.

The challenge is finding the right solution for the application, which is where energy storage is expected to play a much greater role.” Addressing this challenge is part of Dr Badwal’s role at CSIRO’s newly established Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems, which is expected to open later this year.

“The Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems was established to identify energy efficient and cost effective energy generation and storage technologies to meet varying end user power requirements, investigate challenges for integration with renewable energy and work with industry to provide customised sustainable energy solutions,” said Dr Badwal.

“Sharing the benefits of hybridising individual technologies along with the infrastructure and facilities available at the CSIRO’s Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems will be my focus at All-Energy Australia.” CSIRO Fellow Dr Sukhvinder Badwal is a world-renowned solid state electrochemist with more than 35 years' research experience in fuel cells, membrane technologies, gas sensors and renewable energy systems using hydrogen.

CSIRO’s work developing technologies used within hybrid systems is bringing Australian industry partners a step closer to solutions which maximise the value of domestic energy sources.

Reed Exhibitions Australia Executive Director John Gorton said All-Energy Australia is the best place for end users to learn about the latest in renewables from the industry’s best. “The global experts joining us this year are pioneers in making renewable energy solutions more affordable, and ultimately increase the amount of renewable energy in Australia,” said Mr Gorton.

“The conference and all its participants are a global showcase that Australia is willing to use one of its primary industries as a force for positive global change.”


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