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Day 1

Energy Storage 1
R&D Showcase: The Future of Battery Technology
Nanotechnology advances in electrode development
Findings to date running one of the world's first battery technology testing centres 

New Technology 1
Exploring how Technologies such as IoT, Data Analytics, SCADA and Communications are Transforming the Renewable Energy Sector

FusionSolar Smart PV: A New Trend in Utility Scale PV Plant Design
Meet Big Data, Your Virtual Representative
Energy Management Visualization: Data to Information

Community Energy 1
New Models and Innovative Initiatives Shaping the Future of Community Energy
Keynote Presenter: Enova’s Initiatives in the Community Energy Sector and How it is Transforming Community Energy Models
Risk Management and Mitigation in Community Energy Projects
The practicalities of taking the entire village of Tyalgum off the electricity grid
Case Example: A glance on the growing Community-Owned PV Power Plants
Pingala, developing community owned solar farms in Sydney CBD
Smart Grid 1
Looking at the Future of Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

Trends and implications from a network operators perspective
The NEO-NEM: Electricity Sector Trends, Regulations and Adaptation to Distributed Energy Resources
Lowering the cost of grid connection
Grid Edge “Disruption” and the Energy Technology Revolution
Supporting the Integration of New Technologies

Government Initiatives 1
Future Roadmaps and Progressive Strategies for Renewable Energy at a State Level

Victoria's Renewable Energy Targets and Roadmap
Life after 100% renewables
Progress towards delivering the NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan
Energy Storage 2
Economics and Market Projections for Energy Storage

Future Market Directions and a Comparison of Battery Storage Models
Maximising Battery ROI by looking at Stacking Value Streams
Distributed Generation, Energy Storage and Staying Grid Connected – Opportunities for Lower Costs

Wave & Tidal
Showcase: Latest Developments in Marine Energy

Exploring cutting edge research in wave energy conversion technology
Farms of Wave Energy Converters 
Wind Energy 1
Recent Developments in Wind Energy Project Development Globally and Domestically

Overview and update of Australian Wind Energy Policy and Issues in 2016 
Global view of wind energy projects and potential for Australia
Insights into the current financing of two large wind projects - Sapphire wind project in NSW, Australia and the Dolovo Project Europe
How not to build an offshore wind farm - lessons learned from Europe

Off Grid 1
Technical Challenges and Other Key Developments

The Business Case for Offgrid Microgrids: Using distributed solar and forecasting to compete with low diesel cost
Holistic Approach to Energy and Microgrids
Optimising your existing micro-grid, remote power and off-grid energy systems with smart controls
Market Developments 1
Investment Outlook : Analyst and Investor Perspectives

Is 2016 a game changer for Renewable Investment?
PANEL: Is 2016 a game changer for Renewable investment? What do investors look for in a clean energy project development, asset or technology?
Ludovic Theau, Chief Origination and Transactions Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Matthew Rennie, Oceania Power and Utilities Leader, EY

Energy Storage 3
Latest Advances in Battery Storage System Technologies

System-level Innovation for Market-Level Impact: Technological Imperatives for an Adaptive Grid
Linking lead-acid chemistry with ultracapacitor technology and electricity supply implications of using batteries for “synthetic inertia” and other grid balancing services
Exploring advantages of solar storage hybrid systems 
Energy Efficiency 2
Meeting Australia’s Energy Productivity and Carbon Mitigation Targets by Improving Performance in Government, Business and the Community

Energy productivity and carbon mitigation – benefits of an integrated policy approach
The role of buildings in Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy
New Technology 2
Meeting Future Technology Innovation and R&D Needs in the Clean Energy Sector

Keynote Address: The power of pursuing a disruptive idea with strong Government and R&D community support
Incoming technologies to support the energy transition and disrupt delivery modes and business models
Overcoming energy market barriers to ensure uptake of new energy technologies
Case Example Emerging Energy Technology: Active Photon Combustion and PV Systems
Market Developments  2
Building a Robust Clean Energy Sector by Looking at New Business Models, Skill Requirements and Commercial Needs

Opportunities for innovative renewable energy companies within existing and proposed regulatory frameworks
Catching The Next Boom: How Australia can claim a share of the multi-trillion dollar green market
Local Network Credits and Local Electricity Trading – Results From Four Trials of Virtual Net Metering

Solar 1
Outlook and Direction for Successful Development of Commercial Scale Solar

Solar Market Trends 2016-2017
Analysing the local factors to unlock the Australian utility-scale solar potential
Effective Partnerships in Commercial Solar
Incentivising Commercial Scale Solar Developments Through the Renewable Energy Target SunSHIFT - an innovative modular solar project development model

Energy Storage 4
Residential Energy Storage

Can everyone win from Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems?
Demonstrating the real value of residential home energy storage for solar homeowners 
Selling safety in residential energy 
Community Solar Project Financial and Funding Toolkit


Day 2

Innovation Showcase: Cutting-edge technological advances in clean energy

Lior Handlesman, VP Marketing & Product Strategy, Founder, SolarEdge
Nathan Dunn, Managing Director, Enphase Energy Asia-Pacific
Josef Tadich, Sales and Application Engineering - Asia Pacific, Tesla Energy 
Philip Livingston, Founder and Managing Director, Redback Technologies 
James Hamilton, General Manager Sales - APAC, Redflow Limited 
National Keynote Address: Market Impacts of the Renewable Energy Target and Sector Development Opportunities to Build Investment in the Large Scale Renewable Energy Target
Mark Williamson, Executive General Manager, Scheme Entry and Entitlement, Clean Energy Regulator
Low Carbon Transport 1
Market and Infrastructure Developments Supporting the Uptake of Electric Vehicles in Australia
The Path Forward for Electric Vehicles in Australia – Progress Towards this Collaborative Low Carbon Transport Initiative
The Future of Transport - and How to Prepare
Exploring a Proposed Plan for an Electric Highway for the State of Victoria

Solar 2
Technical Capabilities and Design Considerations  for Solar Projects

Assessing Technical Risk in Utility Scale PV Projects
Key Points on Design of Commercial Scale Distributed Photovoltaics Systems 
Design trends and considerations for utility scale solar projects
Defining the Wind Zone for Commercial Solar Systems
Reducing utility scale solar plant BOS costs and improve output performance using DC string optimisation
Government Initiatives 2
Low Carbon Cities: The Interplay between Cities, Towns and Renewable Energy

The Melbourne Renewable Energy Project 
Victorian Market Comparison: Uptake from Councils on Solar PV including Battery Storage Integration
Carbon neutral cities - already cheaper and more resilient than the status quo
Future Energyand the Grid Case Study Session 1
A Distributed Energy Future: Considerations for Technology and Policy

Distributed energy: the policy challenge
Disruption without destruction- Getting the settings right, protections, concessions and complementary measures for a traditional , transforming and transformed electricity market 
Disruption without destruction – using blockchain-enabled P2P trading to support the transition to a distributed capacity future
Increasing renewable energy - what will it take?  

Energy Storage 5
Commercial Scale Energy Storage

Utility scale bulk energy storage: current use in the NEM, and its importance ina future low carbon electricity system
Grid Scale Energy Storage: How an embedded Microgrid with energy storage and diesel can create value for distribution system operators 
Results of AusNet Services’ Grid Energy Storage System (GESS) Trial – Managing Network Peak Demand Using Battery Storage
Australia’s largest battery storage power plant
Energy Efficiency 3
New Technologies, Systems and Major Developments Improving Energy Efficiency

Commercial PV & Demand Response Technologies - A Good Fit 
Improving solar PV production yield efficiency and energy productivity through tracking cloud movements
The Role of Thermal Potential in Enhancing Energy Productivity
Evaluating Bioenergy Applications on a Domestic and Global Scale from Technical Advancements to Financial Models and Delivery Methods
How is biomass energy faring in Australia?
Global technological status and developments in biomass and waste derived fuel utilisation at industrial scale
Exploring why and where 1 to 5 MWe  industrial scale distributed waste wood fed co-generated energy projects make commercial sense in Australia
Off Grid 2
An Overview of Current and Proposed Off Grid and Micro Grid Projects and their Commercial Requirements for Success

Micro-grids and opportunities for remote communities
Fringe-Of-Grid PV Projects – Looking at the Opportunity To Fix Network Problems
A Microgrid Study: Sharing locally generated energy with your neighbours 

Wind Energy 2
Operational Challenges and Improvements

Life extension of wind turbines 
Energy Storage 6
Technical Requirements for Implementing Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems - A review of what it takes to get an Energy Storage System designed and installed in the Australian Context
Designing and developing energy storage projects for different objectives - local and global experiences
Software and app integrations and their role in energy management and storage
Overcoming Duck Curve & other opportunities for peak shaving using energy storage
Market Developments 3
Technology, Models and Concepts Shaping the Low Carbon Future of the Modern Residential Home

HD Wave: an award winning inverter evolving at the rate of electronics, not mechanics
The Advent of Smart Home Energy Management in Australia
Smart Power to the People
Future Energy and the Grid Case Study Session 2
Virtual Net Metering of Renewable Energy Production against Demand

Adam Clarke, Program Coordinator, Newcastle City Council
Jonathan Prendergast, Energy Business Consultant 
Project Development
Construction, Legal, Financial and Procurement Considerations for New Renewable Energy Projects

Integration of the Lender’s Independent Engineer for Project Financing Renewable Energy Projects
Technical considerations in EPC Contracts for renewable energy projects
Solar Power Procurement Strategies for Corporate Australia toward 2020
The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy in Australia- An environmental management perspective
Low Carbon Transport 2
Electric Vehicle Innovation and The Future of Transport

Tesla Sustainable Transport and Autopilot Technology
Electric vehicles and the smart-grid - challenges and opportunities 
Energy Storage 7
Battery Safety and Performance Standard
Ensuring the safe installation and usage of battery storage systems



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