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Keynote: Jo Witters, EGM of the Office of Innovation, AEMO

Solar 1: Latest advancements and commercial opportunities in the PV sector

A look at solar developments today and the potential for tomorrow
Dr Zhengrong Shi, world-renowned solar scientist, Fellow of Australia Academy of Technological Science and Engineering and adjunct professor at the University of NSW

Commercial Solar – Solar Farms in the City
Warwick Batstone - System Solutions Manager, Canadian Solar

New Opportunities? Development of large scale Solar PV in North Queensland: Sustainable Electricity for the State and Export Product for ASEAN Region
Ahmad Zahedi Associate Professor, James Cook University

Bioenergy: Bioenergy developments in the market: the barriers and opportunities

Technology overview and applications for burning biomass to generate renewable base load electricity
Dr Robert White, Director, Technical Insight Pty Ltd

Wind Energy 1: Looking at the wind energy industry, the impact from an economic and social perspective on the communities they operate in and new development ways forward

Collaboration and engagement in wind farm development
Andrew Dyer, the National Wind Farm Commissioner

Case Study: Ararat Wind Farm – Generating economic benefits analysis for project advocacy
Tanya Jackson, Communications and Company Services Manager, RES and
John Noronha, Economist, Essential Economics

Case Study: Sapphire Wind Farm - Exploring ways of extending the economic & social benefits for local communities
Lisa Stiebel, Community Engagement Manager, CWP Renewables & QED Energy

Energy Storage 1: Future Energy Storage Trends

The future of solar, storage and the energy market
Huon Hoogesteger, Founder, Smart Commercial Solar

Unlocking the industry: energy storage and energy data management for every application
John Wood, CEO, Ecoult

Electric Vehicle 1: State of electric vehicles in Australia

Sarah Fumei, Project Officer, ClimateWorks Australia

Doug White, Synergy

Future Grid 1: Improving system capabilities for improved integration, security and reliability to the grid

wiseGrids: Addressing a total systems approach to the grid to minimise risks
Graham Davies, MD, Resonant Solutions Pty Ltd and Chair, Sustainable Engineering Society, Engineers Australia Institute

Comparing options between energy storage with other forms of renewable energy  to improve dispatch ability
Dr Keith Lovegrove, Head - Solar Thermal, ITP Energised Group, Managing Director ITP Thermal Pty Ltd

Importance of integrated control systems in order to integrate Resi BESS with advanced Home Energy Management Systems
Dean Condon, Technology Innovation Engineer, Energy Queensland

Market-scale smart inverter demonstration to voltage and increase solar PV penetration
Lawrence Mcintosh, Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS

Community Energy: Initiating community projects for economic and social benefit

Warburton Hydro Project: Experience in setting up a community led energy project
Luke Whiteside, Group Member Warburton Hydro Project

Crowdfunded equity through Co-operatives to fast track the renewables transition
April Crawford-Smith & Tom Nockolds, Pingala

Wind Energy 2: Getting the most out of wind farm projects from a financial, operational and technical standpoint

Risk, return and valuation methods of wind farms through the project lifecycle
Megan Raynal, Director, Maven Libera

Improving Confidence: Validation of Australian wind farm energy production assessments
Christian Peake Head of Section, Energy and Development Services, DNV GL

Wind generation cost of energy optimisation and innovation
Christopher Williams, Lead Technical Bid Engineer, Vestas Wind Energy

Playing in extra time: Life extension and optimisation lessons from Europe
Bronwyn Sutton, Principal Consultant, Wood Group

Solar 2: Evaluating the key commercial and technical considerations in Utility Scale solar

Chairperson: Raymond Hudson, Global Solar Segment Director, DNV GL

The Future market for Australian large scale solar – Mega Watts! 
Ben Willacy, Director, Sustainable Energy Research Analytics

Improving utility scale economics: How Different Solar Tracker Architectures can Impact LCOE
Ron Corio, CEO & Founder, Array Technologies

Making major decisions on your large scale solar project - Looking at how $/Watt is actually a poor measure for both project efficiency and cost of energy
Andrew Coughlan, Manager, Utility Scale Solar, Zenviron

Siting for Utility Scale PV projects: An example from the Solar PV Landfill Demonstration Project
Clara Mazzone, Construction Projects Manager, ITP Renewables

Energy Storage 2: Regulatory and investment considerations for energy storage

Regulatory reforms to support the efficient integration of energy storage into the NEM
Aylin Cunsolo, Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie

Investment opportunities in energy storage for the grid and the future of investing in energy security
Zeno Atherton, Grid and Storage Solutions, CEFC

Emergence of Energy Storage in a New Energy Market: How to make it Bankable
Toby Barber, Business Development Manager, DNV-GL

Electric Vehicle 2: Dude where’s my charger? The rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure in Australia

Matti Dinkelmeyer, Delta Energy

Roy Unny, ChargePoint

Smart Grid 1: Maximising the grid to make it smarter,  create better connections and benefits to customers and your enhance critical assets

Valuing and paying distributed energy resources - Lessons learned from the ESC (Vic) inquiry into the true value of distributed generation
Aaron Yuen, Manager, Analysis and Reporting, Energy Markets (Energy Division)

Developing a smart grid: Jemena’s positioning within the changing energy market
James Seymour General Manager New Energy Services, Jemena

Understanding how customers use energy to deliver cost effective electricity by going behind the meter
Wilf Johnston, MD,  Flex

Government Initiatives: Latest Governmental initiatives driving investment, innovation & promoting the expansion of renewable energy across Australia

Latest initiatives keeping the ACT at the forefront of new energy innovation
Megan Ward, Manager, Energy Projects, ACT Government

The Powering Queensland Plan – supporting the transition to a low carbon energy sector
Andrew Burnett , A/General Manager – Energy Consumer and Pricing, Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply

Microgrid/Off grid: Project insights looking at the benefits of on reliability

Integration of residential mini grid of the future to the distribution network: Australia’s first residential, 100% inverter based, community mini grid with distributed remote control
Justin Harding, Distributed Energy & Innovation Manager, AusNet Services

Results from the King Island Low Load Diesel Pilot: A MW Scale Case Study
Dr James Hamilton, Director of Renewable Ready and Research Associate at the Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems (CREPS), University of Tasmania

Magnifying the opportunity through diversification of energy through microgrids
Dr Michael Ottaviano, CEO and Managing Director, Carnegie Clean Energy

Rethinking Renewable Energy Remote Area Power Systems
Jonathan  Kennedy, Engineer, ITP Renewables

Solar 3 : Solar Power for the Industry

International experience in deploying solar to provide industrial heat
Ken Guthrie - Sustainable Energy Transformation Pty Ltd, Chair International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Program

An Australian Case study – water, food, energy – just add sunshine
Jes Donneborg, Executive VP, Aalborg CSP Melbourne
Concentrated Solar PV - An opportunity for Industry
Dr John Lasich, Chief Technology Officer, Raygen

Energy Storage 3: Projections, design and installation considerations in residential storage

Projections of Residential Energy Storage to 2030
Paul Ryan, Director, EnergyConsult Pty Ltd

Show me the money – Calculating the true ROI for residential battery storage
Rod Scott, CEO of Selectronic Australia

The future of the Australian residential market, based on local and global perspective
Guy Lichtenstern, Global Technical Marketing Manager, SolarEdge

Electric Vehicle 3: Electric Vehicle Innovators, new business developments in the EV eco-system

Carola Jonas, CEO/Co-founder, Everty
Mat Peterson, Evoke
Kristian Handberg, Manager, AGL

Energy Efficient Buildings

Efficient Buildings: The Procurement Model is Broken - What are the solutions?
Bob Sharon, Chief Innovation Officer, Blue IoT

Materials and Sustainability: How sustainable are renewables? A review
Kenny Walker, Project Manager, KBR

Heat and Energy

Overview of current and prospective applications for geothermal heat in Australia
Dr Graeme Beardsmore, President, Australian Geothermal Association



Keynote Opening: A look at clean energy investment in Australia
Ian Learmonth, CEO, CEFC

Future Energy & the Grid 2: The shift towards a decentralised energy economy

Chair: Bruce Thompson, General Manager Product Strategy, GreenSync

Energy Efficiency 1: Showcasing the best in energy efficiency upgrades

Karla Hill, Manager Sector Development, Energy Efficiency Council
Michael Bellstedt, Managing Director, MINUS40
David Palin, Sustainability Manager - Office and Industrial, Mirvac

Project Development 1: What needs to be done to get up and running on a new project

Mott MacDonald’s experience with challenge and solutions during the project development stage
Iban Vendrell, Wind & Geothermal Power Account Leader & Project Director, Asia Pacific, Mott MacDonald

An owner’s approach to project development
Lily Habib, Executive Manager, New Business and Development, Pacific Hydro Australia

Project development experience from building and selling a Solar Farm - the Barcaldine project
Mick Coleman, Partner, Mills Oakley

Key clauses in project agreements (utility solar)
Ben Krasnostein, General Counsel, Impact Investment Group

Alternative Fuels: Future potential of Hydrogen

Insight into future Australian hydrogen projects
Attilio Pigneri, CEO, Hydrogen Utility

Renewable hydrogen: decarbonising solution for the transport and fuel sectors
Filip Smeets, Managing Director On-site Generation, Hydrogenics Europe N.V.

Renewable energy export opportunities for Australia with hydrogen
Sarb Giddey, Leader of Electrochemical Energy Systems Team at CSIRO Energy, CSIRO

Energy Storage 4: Regulatory, technical and economic considerations for Utility scale

Policy and Regulatory considerations for Grid-scale batteries for distribution utilities
Jill Cainey, Grid Solutions Global Application Director - Energy StorageS&C Electric Company

Utility-Scale Energy Storage: Business Cases and Drivers from a Decade of Deployments
Mark Leslie – Director Asia Pacific, AES Energy Storage

Mining Industry and Renewable Energy

Reshaping Solar to Meet Mining's Energy Needs
Will Rayward-Smith PhD, General Manager, SunSHIFT

The DeGrussa project in the first year of operation
Peter Drager, Director, juwi Renewable Energy Pty Ltd

Considerations for Remote power
Lachlan Bateman,MD, Clean Technology Partners

Mining & Microgrids
Ron Hall, Segment Manager Microgrid & Hybrid , Energy Power Systems Australia

Future Grid 2: The ROI of integrating storage with solar, EV’s and smart applications to build a fully integrated and smart home

Developing smart, affordable and sustainable multi-resident housing through solar energy and electric transport integration
Dr Neil Thompson, Design Integration Consultant / Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology

A case study – insight into a Solar + Storage + Electric Vehicle household
Evan Darmanin, Alternative energy consultant, ChargeWorks

Household Fuel Choice and Consumer Advice on Solar + Storage
Dean Lombard, Senior Energy Analyst, Alternative Technology Association

Urban energy commons on the grid
Craig Burton, Consultant and Reseacher,

Energy Efficiency 2: Energy Efficiency and Business Productivity for Industry

Supporting businesses to improve gas efficiency
Yolanda Sztarr, Project Lead – Business Productivity, Sustainability Victoria

Keynote: Victorian Water Industry Energy Projects
John Day, Executive Manager Operations, North East Water

Adoption of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technology in the Agriculture industry
Andrew Chamberlin, Project Manager - Energy, Queensland Farmers' Federation

New Technologies: Exploring developments and new applications in energy generation technology to lower emissions in Australia

Commercialisation of Emerging Post-Quantum Energy Systems: Understanding the potential for global energy market disruptions
Simon Brink, Project Engineer, Manningham City Council

How CCS can address emissions for the Australian Industry and power sector
Alex Zapantis, General Manager – Commercial, Global CCS Institute

Future Energy 1: Corporate PPAs and Peer-to-Peer energy trading

Experience of implementing Corporate PPAs in India
Shashank Adlakha, Head of International Business, ReNew Power

Bringing energy into the sharing economy
Darius Salgo, Co-founder  and CEO, Nexergy

Energy Storage 5: Pumped Hydro Storage in Australia

Is pumped storage hydro the key to increasing renewables in Australia?
Richard Herweynen – Principal Consultant, Civil Engineering, Entura
Donald Vaughan – Principal Consultant, Primary Electrical Engineering, Entura

A proposed seawater pumped hydro energy storage project for South Australia
Kevin Lanigan, Leader Narrabri, EnergyAustralia

Distributed Storage Solutions for Closed-Loop Pumped-Hydo
Adrian Turner, Peak Renewable Developments Pty Ltd

Smart Grid 2: Data, analytics, security and the ‘internet of energy’ of things 

IoT enabled Energy Management for a Smart Microgrid: Insights and Opportunities
Shama Naz Islam, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Deakin University

Smart energy monitoring 2.0
Nigel Morris, Business Development Director, Solar Analytics

Smart Meters, Smart Hubs or an IoT Energy Cocktail?
Gavin Dietz, Managing Director, Wattwatchers

Building the emerging Internet of Energy through asset aggregation and the delivery of grid services
Andrew Tanner, VP Business Development, Geli

Energy Efficiency 3: New technologies, systems and major developments in energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency with hybrid-enabling technologies and demand-side management
Doug Cook, Managing Consulatant Marchment Hill Consulting

Economic Fuel Switching - Reverse-cycle air conditioners as Heat Pumps
Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, (formerly) University of Melbourne

Improving Energy Efficiency
Petra Piclova, Head of Renewable Energy Segment, ComAp Pty Ltd

Two models of diverting Solar power to heat water and under floor heating
Scott Young, Catch Power

Project Development 2: Looking at the skills needed to shape the industry internally and externally

Continuous Efficiency – Big Data is Great, but People Still Matter
Kim Kreutz, Energy Performance Bureau Manager, Schneider Electric

Establishing the Golden Row: Installer Training to Ensure 30 Year Lifetime of Your Plant
Marco Miller, Sr. VP Operations, NEXTracker

Changing Industry: A changing workforce
Penelope Twemlow, CEO, Energy Skills Queensland

Skills Transfer: Solar in Indonesia- the un tapped opportunity
Darryl Leahey, Manager, NaturesEnergi PL

Market Developments: Innovation needs to create a clean economy

Chair: Jenya Khvastsky, CEO, CleanTekmarket

What is happening globally in finance innovation
Adam Bumpus, DPhil, Senior Research Fellow, Environment and Innovation Convenor, Acceleratenergy

Clean Energy Startups - Opportunities and Hurdles for a Growing Industry / Supporting the Industry
Piers Grove, Co-Founder and Executive Director, EnergyLab

Market snapshot of M&A transactions occurring and supporting investor interest in the sector
Dr Mark Bonnar from Southern Cross Ventures (SXV)

Investing in clean energy innovation
Blair Pritchard, Head of the Innovation Fund, CEFC

Energy Storage 6: Latest technology insights into Lithium Ion and Vanadium Flow Batteries

Lithium Ion Battery Safety: Moving to Cobalt-Free Chemistry to Increase Safety, Reliabilty and Lifecycle of Energy Storage
Catherine Von Burg, CEO, SimpliPhi Power

Advances in Lithium Ion Batteries with 3D nanomaterials
Stephanie Moroz, Chief Executive Officer, Nano-Nouvelle

Vanadium Flow Battery ESS for Grid Integration of Renewable Generation
Peter Morrow, Director, Auspacenergy

Future Energy 2: Australia’s Energy Future

Unlocking Australia’s Renewable Energy Future
Tony Meehan, Executive Manager, Regulation, Transgrid

An expanded role for Tasmania in the Future NEM
Chris Gwynne, Program Director, Battery of the Nation, Hydro Tasmania

Future Energy
Darren Gladman, Director Smart Energy, Clean Energy Council

Closing Debate Climate Change and Energy: From the Finkel review to the RET - Dissecting the good, the bad and the ugly

Dr John Söderbaum FTSE, Vice-Chair of ATSE’s Energy Forum and Director of Science and Technology at ACIL Allen Consulting
Robert Pritchard, Executive Director, Energy Policy Institute of Australia
Professor Samantha Hepburn, Director, Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Law (CENRL), Deakin University



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